The Pioneer Woman At Walmart ~ A Fantastic Selection!
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A fantastic selection of Pioneer Woman products in this video. The best yet! The photos and video were taken at the Walmart on Military Road in Niagara Falls New York! If you like this video please give it a thumbs up!
All Sorts
Music: My Trains A Comin by The Unicorn Heads

#pioneerwoman #walmart #thepioneerwomam

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  1. Wow, no wonder you filmed it…I've never seen such a huge assortment of PW merchandise in one place. Makes me wonder what it would look like to see a kitchen completely decked-out in her stuff. Her Instant Pot is so cute and if she ever authorizes a canner like the 70's Harvest Gold ones (as if) you can bet I'll be first in line! Lol!!! "Take my money!!!" Thank you for the fun tour, Michele! Oh and Happy Easter!


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