Weber Q 1200 $99.00 Gas Grill Review And Assembly, Awesome!
Get your one here Homedepot

Weber Q 1200 for $99.00 Gas Grill what a deal! Assembly and Review

Get your one here Homedepot

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  1. Cool! 😎 Nice grab, Tom! Cute little camping/tailgater unit or for an apartment patio. Looks well made and it was a steal for only $99!!! We'll need to wait a bit to see how well it cooks. 👍🏻

  2. Nice color 🙂 Mine is black. It is a really nice little cooker..heats quick and even heat. With a aluminum foil pan and rivet its pretty easy to get it to cook indirect too.

    The converter to larger propane bottles was a worth the money though. The small bottles run out a tad too quick 🙂

    You will enjoy it!

    Super review

  3. My mother has a Q 1200. I assembled it for her years ago. I get to use it when I visit her. The only gasser I would consider purchasing. 99 bucks is a steel of a deal. Great find, great initial review.

  4. Nice review Tom. I have always been impressed with Weber, and this little portable grill seems perfect to throw in the trunk of your car for your next camping trip or tailgating event. Glad you got such a great deal on it! Thanks for the video!


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