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Don’t miss cyber monday Get your one here BestBuy.Com

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  1. For the $80 4tb Storage for Xbox does that need to always be connected to my Xbox and the Router I've unlimited internet but between my roommate's PS4 and my Xbox if either of us is downloading or updating it makes the internet go slow does a new Router that is not the one my internet company better for faster download,update?

  2. The highest cost item I ever got for Christmas was $100 GI Joe aircraft carrier when I was a kid. If anyone spends more than that on me now I would kick their ass.

  3. ill rather get a cortana powered smart termostat. awesome to control from xbox. Google and amazon are hellish with privacy. I trust the government more than these two companies.

  4. Have you ever been so drunk that you by the same game twice and don’t even notice until a day later? I did that yesterday morning got rainbow six gold and the one year ps plus extension. Then 7 hours 3 bottles of wine and 2 grams of dabs and a Xanax I managed to buy the complete edition. This morning I realized when my wallet balance was a lil lower than I remember, I called Sony and they put the money back in my wallet. Fucking cheers .

  5. Just came across your space on the tubez, and I'm glad I did. You are one relatable dude. You remind me of a great friend of mine. Look forward to seeing your future awesome content!


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