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Don’t miss cyber monday Get your one here Target.Com

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Comment (43)

  1. I really want to purchase the Elite Trainer box but it is so expensive here in Sweden. The store that I usually buy from have not been stocking anything lost thunder. Cheapest I found right now is about 50 dollar with shipping.

    Also I have pre-orderd Lets go Eevee so the monthly Pokemon budget is already broken.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for some nice black friday deals because I have been getting used to open the Elite trainer box.

  2. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get ETB for $22 to $28 normally, but they only let you get 3. Prime always has deals on Pokémon if you pay attention and buy directly from them.

  3. Leonheart could you send me a booster box or elite trainer box because I can’t buy any cards my mom doesn’t let me buy any so I haven’t bought any ever since she told me I could not buy any more doe that was 7 years ago so if you could send me one you could text me on YouTube and tell me if you could plz so if you could thank you leonheart.

  4. I know this isn’t a “Black Friday deal” but this is still a great one, Gamestop is having its Pro Day sales today till the 11th.

    I think it’s like 25% off all cards. So not just for Pokémon cards but other cards as well.

  5. Just got back from not playing in 5 or 6 months because got a lil bored of it but went to league this wednesday opened up 5 lost thunder packs and pulled a RR sceptile gx and a Blacephalon gx also bought like 10 celestial storm dollar tree packs and i got a full art Steven’s Resolve and a banette gx hella pumped

  6. Woke up earlier this morning and saw that Target's Black Friday deals started online but half of their tins were sold out already and not even an hour later another chunk of tins were sold out :/


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