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Although it covers less than 3 square miles, Gibraltar’s strategic location has made it one of the most fought over places in Europe. For centuries, it has withstood political manoeuvring, sieges and battles and today, with its red call boxes, Union Jacks and high street shops, Gibraltar staunchly stands as a small pocket of England in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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  1. I have being planing to live there for years because England is fast become a 3rd world shit hole an this vid made me think asap but I cannot believe there's a bloody mosque . I bet when England is even worse to the point every white Brit is thinking it's too far gone An jetting out one way , this rock will be next , am not racist I just think Islam is sick An that's why am off . you have to live in the sticks I you cannot see people dying on the streets because people are living though the sale of heroin an it will get your family or friends even if you think it's only daft people

  2. Memo to trolls: Gibraltar's been doing just fine for 305 years of British sovereignty. They're doing very well without any help from you. And if any of you trolls are Spaniards, well, just go to Hell! You'll never, ever, under any circumstances, get it back.

  3. My mum and I are going back here next year having gone last year which we enjoyed though for 6 nights this time instead of 4 last time.

    Will certainly watch out for the Barbary monkeys who ripped open my mum's cotton bag stealing her banana and yoghurt last time there.

  4. Very nice video but bit disappointed as he did not describe why it calls GIBRALTAR 😂 May be he do not want to tell people how less 3000 Muslim burn their boats and defeated enemy, and the GENERAL was “TARIQ” so that it called on his name “JABL E TARIQ” and in Spain’s slang GIBRALTAR.

  5. l liked this video👍👍. because it was interesting end informative .l liked the nature ❤❤,the sea was also very much appreciated by the caves who literally shine end the cave which was a museum . l m wondering how to turn into a cave museum?


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