Online Purchase Review and Haul “ and Ipsy”
Get your one here RoseWholesale.Com

my thoughts on ordering from and my late ipsy bag. (

Get your one here RoseWholesale.Com

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  1. need to try it without the top and how your wanting to wear it? I think its beautiful!! Would you show us after you try it? I looooove shopping online makes me happy waiting for something to show up lololo

  2. I get ship the wrong items so many times lol but u got some cute stuff. I really like the colors to the eyeshades u received…. really pretty 😊

  3. What shipping did you pick and how long did it take?
    I bought a dress and need it by likeee. The 23rd and I bought it today.
    And I picked the 3-10day shipping.
    So Idk if that changes anything or what


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