Lowe's "Idylis" 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (#416709)

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I bought this at Lowe’s to hopefully cool down a 250 ft² room that has sliding windows so a normal window air conditioner wouldn’t work. It is supposedly good up to 450 ft². Very early impression is a well-built, solid unit that ran fairly quietly and cooled down the room from 83°F to 70° in about 7 hours. I’ll be watching to see how often I need to empty the water and if the unit will just leak onto the carpet if I don’t catch it in time. It was only 86° today, so I wonder about the main part of summer coming up with long stretches of days in the 90°’s and up. Will it keep up? If I find out anything over time I’ll try to update this description or put something in the comments.
NOTE: I did find in the instructions where it says the unit shuts off if the water tank gets full. Problem: The drain valve is basically at floor level and WAAAYYYY too low to get anything under it to drain the water into, except maybe a cookie bake pan. I ended up finding a small platform to place the Idylis on which raises it up about 4″ so I could fit a container under the drain plug. It’s going to stay on that platform all the time. Also, the drain plug is on the back instead of the front where it would be more convenient, at least for the way I have it set up. I did try to auto on and off feature and they work fine. It does cool very well.
UPDATE: 8/6/2013: I was throwing out the box & noticed important information on the outside that could explain why I’ve never had to drain the water and why some people may be having trouble with their units running hot. It says that in A/C mode it uses the condensed water to cool the coils and then the water is blown out of the vent. Apparently continuous drain is for dehumidifying mode when the unit doesn’t need to cool the coils. It doesn’t say to not use the drain hose in A/C, so maybe you can though. Why this is on the outside of the box and not in the instructions is beyond me. I can only tell you my experience about this, you might have different results.
You can now read the instruction manual I uploaded 4/30/2015 here:

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  1. Sorry about that Dan I must have a newer model cuz your right theres no sun mode at all…if i could post a picture on here id show you it says heat but must be different models they look identical and u didnt watch your full instruction video till now. sorry to waste your time

  2. single hose ac heat outlet is not a good system. the air thrown outside is from the inside of the house . This creates a vacumn  that pulls warm air into the house from under door and other leaks. A two hose system is much better, as good as a window unit.

  3. just removed the blower wheel for replacement. costs $20.00 @ easyapplianceparts.com P/N AC-8000-30. Getting the covers off was the biggest problem. Start with top center cover. 4 screws from the sides. cover is very hard to pull UP and off. under top cover are two screws that hold the top of the back cover, along with many screws you can see holding the back cover. The back cover has plastic snaps that lock into the side covers. Once the back cover is off the rest come off easily. the entire unit will have to be disassembled to remove the blower wheel. Not hard. all screws. just pay attention to many attachment points. should take about 2 hrs start to finish.

  4. HI, just watched your video. Liked the video, very informative. I was thinking of buying the aexact same model for my bedroom. Wanted to know what you think after using this model if it's a good unit. ty for the video and hope to hear back from you . Ginger 🙂

  5. I got one of these 3 years ago after the main A/C in my house went out and didn't have the money to repair it (and quite frankly didn't want to – cut my electric from $600+ in the summer months to around $125 without). Since I typically only stay in two rooms in my house (living room and bedroom) I got some of the room darknening/insulating curtains to section off the house, closed doors, and voila, this little unit cools both rooms excellently. The first summer I had this it worked flawlessly. The second it worked fine as well except this time I did have some issues with having to drain the water about once a week otherwise it was doing the auto-shutoff thing (I live in East Texas – humidity last summer was horrendous – seems to be the same this year so far). Close to the end of the summer the A/C stopped working – in fact, it blows cooler air on fan mode than it does on A/C mode. I didn't really think anything of it since it happened at the very end of the summer – the day before I stopped using it IIRC. So now, it's starting to get hot again and I fired it up and still no cool air. Suggestions for what to check/clean/repair/replace? Aside from the air temp it seems to be working fine – blowing plenty of air, no strange noises, no smells, etc.

  6. Hi, Folks. I own three of these units. My central air (air handler) was always crap and when it broke three years ago, I had to buy something in the interim while I pursued GeoThermal. I bought one for the living room and was so impressed, I bought two more for upstairs. These things are nothing short of amazing. I run on AC to cool down the rooms and then set to humidify once the temp is right. I've never drained a unit, never had a leak and my house is TONS cooler than it ever was with my split system. Understand my situation may be unique from what you get but I think one $500 & two $400 units on a two story house that out-performs a $4200 system is a no-brainier. Also, I don't have to depend on the Air Handler in the Winter which is offensively inefficient and useless below 20 degrees F anyway. I live in Southwestern PA so winter can be mild or bitter but that's another story. I'm a fan of these units for sure.

  7. I love our Idyllis 10,000 BTU, except that I have the dickens of a time attaching the exhaust tube to the unit and to the window part. It doesn't screw in, it is difficult to attach and falls out easily. I'm wondering if we are missing parts or something, because it seems like everything else is fine.

  8. As an HVAC service provider with 15 years experience I have to say these units are ONLY somewhat efficient if you use a model that uses two hoses one for Exhaust and one for intake. If you use a model like this that only exhaust the hot air, then you are creating a negative pressure in your home and that exact same amount of Hot Humid air air will have to infiltrate back into you home to make up the air going out your window. So what happens is the room you have this in will get cool but rest of the house will start to heat up, eventually the hot air in the rest of the house will make it back to the room and heat it up too. These are a huge waste of money. It is a deceitful design that manufactures know most people are too ignorant to figure out. If you cant afford a Central Air unit then simply buy a Window AC Far more efficient and cost much less.

  9. Mine runs fine in the attic where my kid lives. My only tweak was to place the whole unit on a tall stand where the output vents would be near head level while I was standing up in the room. I figured the thermostat shuts off when it senses the appropriate temp so the higher the unit was,, then the more the room would fill with cold air,, like filling a bucket of water.

  10. it totally sucks. if you put it right on you it works fine but it doesnt nothing to the room its in. its huge and its so loud. I wish I would of gotten on I put in my window could of saved a few hundred dollars and saved me the stress.

  11. Hey bud… was wondering about an update for the concerns you raised about 90+ degree days.
    Did it sill work in those temps? And if so, did it max out at any kind of reduction in heat? For example… if 95 outside, only reduced heat inside 15 degrees, or 10 degrees, or 5 degrees, ect.

  12. I have one and it leaks like a bastard. but some nights the water will stay in the tank. it drips from the bottom. I have to put it in a concrete mixing pan to collect all that water over night.

  13. Hi, how do you clean out the intake  area on the back. mine is all clogged up with dust and dog hair.  the unit is not able to work like this and there is no panel to take off to get to it to clean. I have even tried to take the whole back off , was not  successful . I also try can air , didn't work . any help would be appreciated . Thanks , Loraine

  14. I'd like to know if anyone has had mold issues with this unit. It reeks of it and I can't figure out how to clean it. vanes on the top indicate black mold. Here in coastal Texas, 90° heat & 90% humidity, this guy cools well but loud and stinky. Any suggestions?

  15. thank you so much for responding!! How do I get to those areas?? not sure how to open the machine up…Can you give me some tips on finding the pan? most appreciated, really need to get it fixed up.

  16. i have an idylis heat pump (dual exaust hose). in heat mode the water pan gets full and it shuts off. i put a hose on the continuous drain but no water comes out. i have to empty it by the lower drain plugs. i dont have the instructions for mine. can you chech if it mentions anything about using the continuous drain hole please.

  17. Jesus Hussein Christ, man, get to the point. That was so irritating to watch, when I got to the part where you said, 'Oh, a remote. I didn't know it came with a remote", that was it for me. You're not Mr. F'ing Rogers, teaching 5 year olds how to open a box. Put your big boy pants on and pretend your audience are intelligent adults – because most of them will be, unless you keep this shit up.

  18. Bought this 2 years to keep for emergencies. Plugged it in, tested it, it worked. Now, 2 years later, we have an emergency and it will not power up. At all. Tested cord and reset, confirmed power is to the outlet, pushed the button, nothing. It is hot here.

  19. THANK you for the update about the draining. I moved into a new apartment this past March and one of these units came with the place (without a manual and certainly without a box). I've been trying to drain it every so often but to no avail, even dragging it into the bathroom and physically holding the monster sideways to get the water out of it since I assumed after 4 months of daily use, surely SOME water would have collected. This is the only place I found where the fact about the water evaporation was stated. Again, THANK you!

  20. Purchased an Idylis 10,000 btu unit on Ebay, paid $300.00 received unit, did not receive the drain hose the window panel,exaust nozzle connector or the adapter and the flex exaust pipe, contacted seller, he sad he has mailed it to me over a week ago. Haven't received the package yet so be careful what you purchase through Ebay.

  21. Mine just recently stopped blowing cool air and it just idles. Does anyone know what part may need replacing? I'm thinking it could be the compressor not kicking on? any suggestions would be appreciated

  22. Hi Dan. Thanks for the video.
    I own one of this things but I have an issue that I've just find out. When I shut the door in my room, this thing will make the outdoor air come inside the room even if windows are closed (not sealed) but if I keep the door open(not all the way, maybe like 3 inches) this won't happened. is it normal tho,? Or is it there something else I can do? Could these affect the temperature in my room?


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