My Portable Ac Project July 2010
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Figured out a way to make portable ac’s Very efficient

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  1. Great job! I had a similar set up without the pump. I had a model just like this one, but probably a little older. Just a tip so you know. Even though I cleaned the filters quite often the unit did not work as good after a couple of years. I discovered that you have to pop off the front panel and vacuum the grates maybe once a year. Somehow dust gets past the filters and gets caked on the grates. I don't want you to have the same problem I did. Sharp does not tell you this. Thanks!

  2. Sharp and many other companies that manufacture these a/c units also do not tell you that they are complete GARBAGE…This was a 12,000 BTU AC and it couldnt even cool down my 20×14 room. they also dont tell you that a 12,000 btu portable performs as a 8,000 btu A/C. without prior knowledge of these units and proper set up, I dont recommend these to anyone.. This was abck in 2010 and now we are in 2012, I dont know if they have been built better. Exhaust was a issue. Window/wall ac wins here.

  3. is it normal for it to start with a powerful breeze then after like 4 to 5 minutes it slows down then after like a minute or two it picks up again..

  4. i had an issue with a portable a/c also… i havd a 13,000 btu lg a/c in a 15×20 garage.. so i did like you made a hole onto wall so air can go straight outside… but what was happening to me was that it would cool for 30 seconds than shut off and then a minute later it would strat up again(the compressor) and then shut off again… so i called lg and they told me that that ac was to big for that room.. that i needed to get a smaller unit.. so i now have a 9,000btu cooler rated for a 10×20

  5. room. but i have the same problem… avegagge room temp during the night is whatever the tepi is outside.. and during the day it gets to 95 in here…. so i give up on portable a/c's yust going to return it and git a normal window mounted ac and make a big square hold in the wall….

  6. They are not as good as they say they are. I returned mine and got a window ac. I just wanted to have all my windows open. someday tech will change and they will make a good system.

  7. I'm glad I'm not alone. I have the same garage setup for my studio. After blowing cool air for five mins. the compressor turns off then the ac blows hot air into the room which is frustrating. It will kick back in after 10 mins and just repeat. Ultimately making the room warmer than when I first powered up. I called costumer service and it was the worst and most apathetic response I've received for having paid so much money for a product.

  8. Mike, I dont know if things have changed for portable a/c's. but i got this in 2010. and it was by far, the WORST piece of equpment i ever had. it went back to the store

  9. and when you bought it you prob thought it was the greatest thing. all the options all in one with a fancy remote.. is bar far the worst. couldnt cool down room for i have a 8000 btu ac window ac and it works great

  10. 3:55 "Bucket-less design" that's bad! That means its taking the humid air and pumping it into your crawlspace now. It evaporates the water into the exhaust hose… Humid=MOLD! Rot! Termites!

  11. hey I'm hoping u can help me out a little bit with this AC. mine was working and it just randomly stopped working. i didn't use it for about a year and i tried to boot it up again and it died after about 3min of use. i checked the condensation reservoir and it was all rusted. do u think the rust caused the stop? I'm about to replace the fuse. it would b awesome if u can help out in any way. thanks

  12. Worst piece of crap comes on for 2 minutes then off for 3 minutes in between blows hot called customer service and when you press number of options you want it says number not in service shame on you sharp products never will I buy a sharp anything period.

  13. I have a similar sharp 10,000 btu portable air conditioner. It has been sitting in my closet for about 10 years but now my home ac needs to be replaced and I don't want to get a loan for the repair so I took it out. I have noticed the negative air pressure affect. I made a mount to hook it up to my living room sliding doors and discovered that it was pulling air from the outside through the gap between the sliding doors so I cut a pool noodle and stuck it in the gaps and later I could hear air being drawn in through a bedroom window. That is one of the reasons these things aren't very efficient. I stopped using the pool noodle because I would rather it be not as efficient in the living room than make the bedroom hotter. The dual hose design suppose to be more efficient. I can't use a window air conditioner because of the condo association so I am stuck with a portable until I figure out what to do with my central air system.


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