LG Electronics 7,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Model # LP0711WNR

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I just purchased this AC unit (Summer 2011) only planning to use it when it gets above 90* outside. Ive wanted one for years, but the price on Portable AC units was through the roof. This one is fairly priced. At $249 at the time I purchased this 4/1/11, It looked like they were selling fast, I decided to pick one up before they were gone.

Nice small unit, Looks good, not too loud, Seems like its quality made by LG.

Get your one here Homedepot

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  1. I got the Proklima 7000btu, it looks almost exactly the same.
    I cant believe how loud it is, the moron at the store said that it shouldnt be any problem sleeping with this on.
    I dont know what kind of conditions he lives by, but i dont usually try to fall asleep in a test-chamber for boeing turbines…
    Cools quick tho, but i was expecting a unit that produces maybe around 25-30 dB. Not 65 dB, which is the equivelent of a urban street with traffic..

  2. Is yours still working? Mine is still working. Is you plastic hose still intact? Last summer, I had to replace the plastic hose because it was cracking and breaking down. Too much heat I guess. I ordered the Speedi-Products EX-AFD 525 5-Inch Diameter by 25-Feet Length UL 181 Aluminum Foil Duct off of Amazon and used Aluminum Foil Tape to tape it to the vent brackets on both ends.

  3. Wow, so many negative comments. I have this exact model and it has been a godsend for me. In Canada on the prairies we have hot, humid summers and this is perfect for my bedroom. I have zero complaints about this unit. It blows cold air immediately and cools off my bedroom room very quickly. I’ve owned it for five years and it does a great job. Regular cleaning of the four filters is the only maintenance you have to do, and sure, the noise is a little loud but you can also turn it down low where it’s not as noisy. For safety reasons you are not supposed to have anything within 2 feet of the unit.

  4. Thank you, first video ive seen of someone actually turning them on, i was worried about the noise as that the most complained review, i expected it to be noise as its a compressor, but its not that loud, doubt you could sleep with it on though lol


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